Thursday, 5 June 2014

Being yourself

Sunday Afternoon..... sitting on the bed with my laptop.... I am thinking about my today's topic.... and suddenly one question comes in my mind that Who am I? What I actually want to do? Where do I want to go? And lots and lots of question marks.... These questions come in my mind because of that article, which I read last night. It was related to the thing that people want to do, but very few actually do.

In today's world, everyone is busy in many works.... Students are busy in exams | housewives are busy in kitchen | working people are busy in work, projects, clients, targets, meetups.... uff....

I wanted to discuss with you one small story, one aunty who was our neighbor. I used to say 'bhuaji' to her. In Rajasthan 'bhuaji' is normally used for father's sister. She belonged to a small and well-settled family.

Last month I visited her place as she was not feeling well. She was very excited to see me after a long time, but I was little unhappy because she was very ill. Her daughter was with her for taking her care. I set on a chair near aunty's bed, where I found one album near her pillow. So, I started flipping the album pages. In that album, I found many old but good dancing images of Aunty and some with the prizes. But still I was confused whether she was same aunty or someone else. But before I asked something, aunty said it is my before marriage album. I was shocked because I never knew about this hidden talent of her. Then she started to share more details with me. She said from childhood she loved dancing. Her parents always stopped her to do it, but she never listened to them. She won many prizes in school and college and wanted to be a dance teacher. I asked then why she stopped doing it? She said that her parents, husband and husband's parents didn't want, and she didn't want to hurt anyone of them. After saying this, her eyes were full of tears.

This is only one story of a woman. But there are so many men and women who want something else from life but some are thinking what other will think, and some are still waiting for a right time.
For this one small change is needed. Don't let go your life like this.

Today, let's ask yourself some questions;
1) Do you live your life truly for you?
2) Do you spend enough time with your loved once?
3) Do you have the courage to express your feelings with others?
4) What can you do for yourself to be happier?

Stop living your life according to others.... See positive dreams and work to fulfill them.... Try to spend time as much as possible with your loved ones, friends and family.... Express your feelings and learn to say 'no' for things you don't want to do..... Do something for you and only for your happiness.... Tomorrow will never come..... Today and now is the right time.....

If you are happy, then you can spread happiness throughout the world, and a beautiful life will come on your way. :)

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