Saturday, 2 May 2015

12 Years a Slave - Review

What if we work like a slave for someone and we can't able to meet our family? What do we feel when we meet family members after so many years? A wife/husband who was young when we left, now she/he has white hairs and a baggy skin. Daughter or son who were a child, now they got married and had a baby. So many years that we suppose to spend with them we were unwantedly doing work as a slave. Can someone give back that precious time? No, no one can give it back. After watching 12 years a slave, unwantedly these questions are coming in my mind.

It is a 1841 story of a person named Solomon Northup and an Oscar-winning movie. Based on a real incident, in the years before the Civil War, Solomon Northup was a free African-American (black) man working as a violinist. Who lived with his wife, Anne Hampton, and two children, Margaret, and Alonzo, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Two white men, Brown and Hamilton, offered him a two-week job as a musician if he travels to Washington, with them. They kidnapped him, after giving the drug to Northup and sold him into slavery in the South. From this place, the story takes the turn, and his journey starts as a slave.

There were so many blacks who were forcefully doing slavery for the white persons. Even there was no mercy for the females and children. With the cruelty of one evil owner (Michael Fassbender), he also gets stunning humanity from another, as he was continuously struggling to survive and sustain some of his dignity. Then in the 12th year of the tribulation, he met with an abolitionist from Canada. Who helped him and changed Solomon's life forever. He met with his family after 12 years.

It is a most sentimental movie, which I have watched till now. The acting is original and mind blowing. All characters are very natural. This movie made me cry many times. But, my heart says me that it can't be true. How can one person do these much sinful things with the other humans? Sad but the truth is that not only this story, but entire world history is full of so many painful stories.

Conclusion: 12 Years a Slave wins best picture award in 2014 Oscars, and I must say this movie deserves it. The story touches the heart and melts it with emotions. An incredible story.

Movie Detail:-
Director: Steve McQueen
Writers: John Ridley (screenplay), Solomon Northup (based on "Twelve Years a Slave" by)
Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Kenneth Williams, Michael Fassbender
Release Date: 8 November 2013 (USA)

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