Sunday, 26 April 2015

Think About It

The world is full of many different kinds of people. From those people, we know very few. And if we talk about the communication that we do with them, then very fewer discussions are there for which we think afterwards. Right now, I am also thinking about one talk that I had yesterday with someone.

Yesterday accidentally I met with him in a coffee shop. On weekends whenever I get time, I prefer to enjoy a coffee at a coffee shop with a novel. After I ordered the coffee & some snacks, I was enjoying the book. Suddenly one person told me "Hello", and before I could reply he said can I join you and he sat in front of me. I knew him but not much. We met once or twice in the office only. He was with his wife; he introduced me to her. I think the shop was full, and not a single table was free, that's why they joined me. He is one of the company clients and for monthly meet-up sometimes he visits our office. He is a Ph.D. scholar and very polite in talking.

Without asking he explained that he is running an Institute and provides some training and diplomas in different-different technical languages with 100% job guarantee. He was saying that he believed in giving high quality education and learning. I asked him that does your institute provides 100% placements? And Does the institute completed all the courses in the given period? I asked these questions because, my experience with the diploma institutes were not good. He said, it depends on students and teachers. If required number of students are available, then syllabus starts on time, otherwise we have to shorten the program for finishing it on time. I wanted to ask that, what about quality education? but before it he said that I want maximum profitable business and less students means less business. And our meaning of 100% placement is that we are helping in scheduling interviews. I asked with the curiosity that what happens if there are less number of students? He said in this case after taking the fees, we reserve the seat for those and try to fulfill other seats as soon as possible. Means they made money from interested students and wait for more students. 

Well, every second educational institute is doing the same thing, or something worse. But, I am thinking about the interested students who gave the fees with the hope that they will learn something right, and they 'll get a good job. And now they are also waiting for more students. But what about learning & the precious time. For making business, this one person is spoiling so many careers & dreams.

I just wanted to ask that can we stop doing business of the education? Education is a human right for everyone. Why many institutes are highly focused on making money rather than giving education? Why they don't understand that because of this, many talented students aren't able to fulfill their dreams?

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