Sunday, 26 April 2015


Today is weekend.. Saturday & Sunday means no hurry for waking up early in the morning. All five days, I think morning time is a busiest time of the day. Isn't it? I am not a morning person, and this is one of the reasons that I like weekends.

My weekend morning starts with the door bell. My maid comes for the breakfast on weekends. I am one of those lucky persons who have such a gentle, trustworthy & caring housemaid. Usually breakfast & lunch department is on my hand but on weekends I prefer that my maid make it for us. She makes excellent potato paratha, and I am a foodie person. If I get good stuffed paratha for breakfast, then nothing beats that. 

I address my maid as Maushi. In Maharashtra housemaids are commonly addressed by their names or simply Maushi. Before coming to Pune, I was little afraid because I never did all the housework alone. I knew all the work & cooking, but managing all the things was very tough for me and with work it was quite impossible. I knew that one maid was working at the place, but I heard many bad things about the housemaids in general. As it turned out, all the bad things that I heard were wrong.

My maid belonged to a typical Maharashtrian family. She is around a 45-year-old lady. She does all the work with the heart. Honesty and polite behaviour makes her a good human being. If once or twice I give her the direction for any work then next time she does as I told her. Not only she does all the work decently but also she is a very soft-hearted lady. I am telling her soft-hearted because whenever I got sick or not feeling well, she helps extra in work without asking.

With the all working qualities, she also has one respected personality. She is not much educated, but she is a strong female. She got widow at a very young age. She was left alone with a five-year-old daughter. Her husband's family didn't support her for anything. Even they took whatever her husband gave her. She fought for her rights in the court. The result was favourable, and she got her home back. But, she put all the savings in the court case and now she became dependent on husband's pension which was very less. She took her mother at her place of stay. It was the big support for her. Now, she started working as a housemaid and gave good education to her daughter. Now her daughter is married and staying in Mumbai with her husband. My maid and her mother are staying together. She is happy to see that her daughter is settled.

Now she made extra room at her home and gave that for the rent. She is also a part of 'Mahila Bachat Mandali' and doing free of the cost work for the government for providing financial securities to the poor ladies.

She is one woman that I know, but I think there are so many females who are doing great work, and nobody knows them.

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