Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thalassa Goa - Review

Thalassa is one of those restaurants where I want to go again and again. This restaurant is in Goa and a part of Thalassa Resort. It is a well-known place for its location and the food. I experienced this place when I went Goa for holidays.

It was the noontime, and we visited this place for lunch. My expectations for this restaurant was very high because, some of our friends told us many positive things for this place & food. And I must say this restaurant delivered me extra from my expectations.

Me and my husband went there without any reservation. So, we got the place for lunch after two hours. But we happily spent our time on the beachside. Thalassa has a very excellent location on the top of a small hill, in the mid of two extremely attractive beaches Vagator & Ozran. I remember that we climbed nearby forty stairs from beach to restaurant. It is full white in the color. From beachside, it was looking striking.    

On the correct time, we got our seat for the lunch. Luckily we got the side seat and the view from our place were just outstanding. The table was neat, covered with a white table cover, and only having salt & pepper placed over it . The waiter gave us a menu with a soft smile. Since it is a Greek restaurant, we ordered Greek food and wine. After some time, our order came, and we enjoyed delicious food. Weather, view, ambience, service and food everything was just perfect. It was a romantic experience for me.

We wanted to see the sunset from that place and spend some more time, but the restaurant was fully booked for the evening. The restaurant person told us that it is always reserved for sunset and the full moon nights. The full moon night dining here is extremely attractive, so people book their tables two weeks in advance.

So, we relished two delightful hours at that place, and left. While coming out I saw that Thalassa also have rooms to stay and one lovely FabIndia shop. It has very beautiful dresses and products. But, I found it little expensive as compared to the other FabIndia shops. I think this is because of the location.

My overall experience with Thalassa was remarkable, and I recommend this place to the others.

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