Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Where is the equality?

Like every day, I was busy in doing my morning stuff. Suddenly my neighbour aunty called me and said if you are not getting late for office then can you come at home for a while and I went to the aunties place. She told me beta please can you give me that pot to me, she gave me one stool and showed me the last row of a shelf in the kitchen. As she has back problem, and recently she had surgery, so she can't able to stand on the stool and bring any heavy thing. She was alone at home. I gave that pot to the aunty and asked her 'where is everyone?' She told me that uncle is out of station and children are playing in the society garden as today is Vaisakhi (a Punjabi festival), so schools are on holiday. She continues; I am making Coconut Laddoo, Sarson ka Saag, Makki ki Roti and Pindi Chana for the festival. As she is, Punjabi and Vaisakhi is a main festival for them. She invited me to Vaisakhi function that is going to happen today's night in the club house. I said 'yes aunty I 'll come' and came back.

Now It was afternoon, I was busy with work, and my friend called me. I wish her Vaisakhi because I know she is also a Punjabi, but she sounded little disturbed. I asked her the reason then she told me that she had one important presentation today in the office, and today is Vaisakhi also. So, her mother-in-law told her to help her in the kitchen. She told to mother-in-law that today is a big day for her career, and she will surely come early in the evening for the function. But her mother-in-law didn't agreed. So, she decided not to go in the office today and help her in the kitchen work instead.

She did not know how to make the laddoos and other stuff, but she was trying to do some help. Suddenly her phone rings that were from her office. Now another employee is going to give that presentation that is made by her and he needed her help. She described all the things quickly to him with a heavy heart. And again started working in the kitchen. Her mother-in-law could easily see that she was upset.

Her mother-in-law told her that in our time we never dare to say anything to our elders regarding what we want and now days people are doing whatever they want and no respect for the elders. For a girl working outside is not a good thing. Your husband is earning well. Why you want to do the job?  Your salary is also not so good and all the time you are thinking about the office only. Tomorrow you will have babies, you should think about it. Sometimes I feel that family is not important to you. See you even don't know how to make a round laddoo. My friend kept listening. Because she knew, arguing was not the solution. I consoled her and tried to bring a smile on her face.

After this call to now I am thinking about her only.. today is a festival and festivals are giving happiness. But my friend is not happy. One more thing is coming in my mind that we are saying today there is no difference in a girl and a boy, and both are also taking equal education. But where is the equality?

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