Monday, 13 April 2015

Gone with the Wind

It was a fresh morning, I was having my tea on the balcony and enjoying the refreshing air. In the background, Mr. M. Rafi's playlist was going on. Beautiful romantic songs were running. I was not in a hurry like other mornings because it was the holiday, and I had no plan to do anything. I wanted to take a rest at home only. After tea, I saw my bookshelf or we can say my small library.. :) I noticed one book named 'Gone with the Wind'. It was an old book, and Condition was also not good. My husband read it when he was doing his graduation. He told me that 'Khushboo this is a classic love story, you should read it once. You will love this book'.

I took the novel and sat on the chair. It was written by 'Margaret Mitchell'. She was an American author, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her novel 'Gone with the Wind' published in 1936. First, I felt this book would be boring because it has more than thousand pages but it wasn't, and I kept reading.

It's about Scarlett O'Hara who was used to live in the environment where she pampered a lot, and all the things were excellent. She fell in affection with Ashley Wilkes but he doesn't reciprocates and marries Melanie Hamilton instead. Then the story goes regarding how she grew mature during the American civil war and how in the end she understands that it's neither Ashley who loves her and nor she. It was 'Rhett Butler' who loves her very much, and she realizes that she also had feelings for him.

This novel has all the things; story, love, romance, sensations, moods, circumstances, history, life, etc. The thing that I admired most were the characters. Every single character was just perfect.
Scarlett O’Hara- She was beautiful, pampered, stubborn and very strong and determined female.
Rhett Butler - He was a dark, handsome, charming  man and a passionate lover.
Ashley Wilkes - A good human being, an army man, and a lovely husband.
Melanie Hamilton - A kind, plain hearted and calm lady.

Other than those four I also like Mammy and Aunt Pittypat Hamilton's character - the author did the justice for the characters. I strongly feel that every single person in this story was important. Not only characters but also the war seen described in the novel is very realistic. While reading this book, sometimes I found myself in the era of war. I feel connected myself with the story.

Conclusion - 'Gone with the Wind' was that classic love story that made me cry and made me smile. Now, this is the one of my favorite novels.

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