Sunday, 12 April 2015

Coffee, Tea or Me.. :)

Today morning I was just checking my Twitter account. I saw one quote shared by someone "Coffee is for writing and Tea is for editing. I don't know why but it just is." - C.E. Wilson.
I like this quote as writing or reading is my hobby, and I also love to take tea or coffee while doing this.

From starting I am a tea lover. I never appreciated coffee as I loved to take tea. The Morning after waking up the first thing that I have is tea. What I mean by tea is not green or black tea, it is pure Indian tea with milk and tea masala. It is good to say 'Masala chai' rather then 'Tea'. :) 

Interestingly my husband doesn't share my interest, as he is a big fan of good coffee. So, sometimes I also started taking coffee. In starting days, I always compared coffee with tea and always found that tea is likewise better. I tasted coffee in many places and in many varieties. Normally I didn't find that much varieties in tea.

Slowly I build up my taste for coffee and now days I notice that I also prefer to take coffee in a special time, weather, place and environment. Mostly, in rainy weather, on a hill station or while reading a good book, and yes, when I am planning for a night out I prefer coffee. One more thing, I also relish coffee on some alleged places like; StarBucks, Cafe coffee day, The coffee shop, The Irish coffee house, etc.  In short, the coffee fun depends on the surrounding.
But, If I talk about tea then still the first thing I want in the morning is tea only. If I am doing a road trip, then a roadside thadi's (tea shop) tea is better than ccd coffee. Some of my friends and family members told me that tea is my addiction, I think It is true.. :)

Conclusion; I enjoy both the things but If I talk about anytime what can I take then the tea will be my first choice.

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