Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Review - Big basket vs Grofers

Sitting on the couch at my home, I was enjoying my morning tea and talking with my husband. Also side by side I was ordering grocery from my mobile app. As my Saturdays are also working, so I just get Sunday to finish up whole-house work and grocery shopping is one of those works.

I remember the time when I used to go out for household shopping. My maximum time of weekend went for purchasing & arranging the things that are important for coming week like; vegetables, fruits, pulses, dairy products, breakfast meals, floor cleaner, etc. It's a never ending list. I am heartiest thankful for the online shopping market or eCommerce platform who solve this thing and give us a little more time to spend with our dear ones.

But why I am talking about before and after effect of eCommerce? It is because that I want to explain that as time changes, the business model also changes. Today I am using two platforms for my household shopping including grocery. One is Big basket and second one is Grofers

My experience with both

Big basket

Pros -
  • User-Friendly App
  • All the things in one platform
  • Time slot options
  • Exotic vegetables & fruits are also available
  • Chopped veggies & fruits also available
  • Discount points on every purchase 
  • If do not available then the Notify option
  • Cash on delivery option is available
  • Rs. 1000 above delivery is free

Cons -
  • Sometimes do not get fresh vegetables & fruits
  • Don't give same day delivery 
  • Don't have any other offers on purchase
  • Rs. 1000 is too high for getting free home delivery
  • Chopped veggies & fruits are not fresh; They are frozen
  • Need to improve product packaging


Pros -
  • Delivery within 90 minutes
  • A good mobile app that searches your location for delivering the items from nearby shop or store.
  • All the things in one platform
  • I find veggies are fresh, but fruits are ok
  • Attractive offers and discounts like; in rainy season they give umbrellas to customers
  • If not like the product, refund policy
  • Cash on delivery option is available 
  • Product packaging is good
  • Free home delivery

Cons -
  • Do not provide chopped veggies & fruits
  • Fruits weren't of great quality

Conclusion - For me Grofers is a better option, because it gives free home delivery and takes only 90 minutes.

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