Sunday, 25 October 2015

Being a working woman

A sip of my favorite cafe mocha at Starbucks, the place is little crowded, loud English music is going on, and I am writing a thought that came into my mind just after talking with my friend. I had a great talk with her after a long time, but I was little worried that is she the same person with whom I graduated? She was a class topper, intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate girl during my college. During today's talk, I came to know that after marriage she chose to be a homemaker. As she was very career-oriented, I wanted to know the reason behind this decision, as she does not have any problem from in-laws side, like other conservative Indian families. But, she simply said that "my husband is well capable/wealthy enough of fulfilling each and everything that she wish to have. So, why I waste my time in job or business?"

Is doing job or business a time waste? I didn't expect this reply from her side, but she was happy and enjoying her family life. I am also not against to be a homemaker, but I don't agree with the reason that she gave to me. Not doing a job just because you are rich enough, and being happy to be a dependable person. It's not my cup of tea. My point is doing something gives individual satisfaction or happiness. If you are a homemaker then also, you are in a full-time job but not to do another job because you do not have any money problem is wrong. It is tough to understand for me. Is feeling of having individual identity, confidence, motivation, independence are nothing? My job gives me these all things, and I think it matters more.

Yes, being a woman sometimes it is tough to manage home and work both. But many a times, I feel happy that I did something good, I learnt something new, I met someone who came up with new ideas. I feel pleased after cracking a deal, using my creativity in a positive way, I fail, I pass, complete the projects, clients are happy with my work, the boss give me compliments, etc. The satisfaction of being a productive citizen of a growing Nation is a big thing for me. These all things means a lot for me. I chose to be a working woman is for me, and I am enjoying it. :)

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