Friday, 17 July 2015

Roses in Hand

As always today I opened my eyes at 7 o'clock when my alarm rang like no-one can tolerate that voice. I have the same story in every morning. From 6:00 am to 7:00 am snooze button helps me, but after that I have to wake up. Oh for what I am talking, this post is not about my morning wake up time. I have a bad habit of unnecessary talking and because of this habit today, I experienced a bad incident. 

The incident happened today morning while coming to office. I was enjoying Red FM with background traffic noise. As always my car stuck on a signal because of traffic. 'Didi, please ek gulab le lo, sirf 10 Rs. ka hai.' (Sister, please take one rose, it is only of Rs. 10.). In between, all the traffic noise, I heard one innocent voice. With ignorance, I was closing my half-open car window glass. I could see him even through closed glass. He was still outside and here I made a mistake. I opened my glass again and asked him - "How old are you?".

He - 12 years
I - Do you go school?
He - No, not now but I want to go. 
I - With whom you stay.
He - Please take one rose.

I think he was ignoring my question. I purchased one rose from him. Suddenly one lady came and slapped on his face. She was telling angrily to him "Now traffic is going to clear, I was watching you from very long, you are staying only with one customer, what you were talking?" In front of me she slapped him two times badly and took him to the footpath. I was totally shocked. I was blaming myself for this. I could see both of them from my car. She was still angry and torturing him. Then suddenly I heard one whistle. It was traffic police, and then I noticed there was also two persons in police uniform. They were very near to that child and lady. The government gives the power to them to act against every wrong thing. They could have easily save him, but they ignored it. As it was not a sinful activity.  

Now traffic was clear, and I also moved from that place. But since morning I am thinking about that child and so many other children who are going through this kind of act every day. 

Who are the responsible for this? I think me, you, police, society, government and everyone. 

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