Friday, 14 August 2015

Happy Independence Day

Yesterday, I saw some people who were selling Indian Flags on the signal. Mostly this activity I see only on two dates, one is 26th January and second is 15th August. Considering tomorrow is Independence day, therefore I can see celebrations all around.

But, do we know the meaning of independence? Independence means freedom - Freedom for thinking, freedom for speaking, freedom for living, freedom for taking education, etc. As I am an Indian, I am born & brought up here, I see many people of India still do not have the freedom that I mention above. Don't you think wearing flag color clothes as a dress code, decorating schools, colleges & offices as orange, white & green, playing loud music or purchasing the flags from roadsides are not enough? Yes, it is not enough!

Let's start the celebration of independence from our inside. Our thoughts should be free, each & every person should have freedom to get the education, can speak for truth, can laugh as loud as he/she can, can take breath in the air of invulnerability, etc. These all true colors of our nation is real independence. 

India is a beautiful country with an admirable history. Today, we feel proud to say that I am an Indian because our past was strong. Many brave soldiers died with a smile for our nation. All freedom fighters had same dream. Now it is the duty of each Indian to make our nation as our freedom fighters dreamed about.

Wish you all Happy Independence Day. May all the great things come in our way, and our country do progress every day.


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