Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What Does Your Name Mean?

It's a yesterday's case, and I was in the office. One Russian client was in our office for discussing a project so we all project members were in the conference room. I was going to present all the features of the project. After the presentation, we were sitting together and sipping the coffee. In between some general talks he (client) asked me 'What is the meaning of your name?' I just replied Sir Khushboo means Fragrance. He smiled and said it is a lovely name. After goodbye formalities, I was in my cabin.
I went in my flashback memories that once I asked my mother that same question, and she said it meant Aroma, and God send you for spreading the aroma of happiness. 

Now, I wanted to know deeper meaning of my name. So, I searched on Google 'The meaning of my name'. 

First Result -

EXTREMES in fortune, health and spirituality. You are very versatile, idealistic and intuitive. Emergencies may raise your intuitive abilities in order to resolve conflict or situation. You become very creative under the pressure, and have quite original ideas to make the best out of it. You desire to inspire and lead, to control other's affairs. You are giving, courageous and bold, action oriented, energetic and strong willed. You want to make a difference in the world, and this attitude often attracts you to cultural interests, politics, social issues, and the cultivation of your creative talents.

Second Result -

Third Result -

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way. And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life. You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it. You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous. You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. You are loyal, and people can count on you.

And many more results were there. I felt very happy after reading 3-4 interesting replies by Google. All are very nicely written with sugar coated words. I was already in love with my name, and now I was more. ;)

At the end, I believe whatever someone's name means, it doesn't matter. Our name is our identity, and we should be proud of it. 

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