Friday, 2 December 2016

Review: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

I think this book should be read by every woman or man. I found this book verified a lot of the hurdles I have viewed myself as an enthusiastic, working, dynamic woman. It was amazingly tested to see pictures after study confirm that women's likability has not depended on to her achievements and success, it depends on others mindset and personal & social successful relations. The characteristics that define leadership and management in men are usually recognized as negative traits in women. One side the author's suggestions on how to overcome some of these biases and the other hand we learn about "I" - who am I? and how easy to say "No," "I don't," and "I don't agree with it". It needs to understand that softness is not weakness it's a positive approach. It is astonishing how in years a society ruled mostly by men and how hard it is to think outside the box. We require to question the customs because if we don't, we'll just immortalize them for individuals, and for future generations. Some lines are heart touching and gave me my way of believing about being a woman and the way I see other women in office and at home. I can honestly say I'd like to see more gender equality. It's familiar. There is always an another choice like I keep my mouth shut, I do stand in the corner, I do accept less pay without asking for more, I do let men talk over me, and yes I do feel guilty - about everything. In the end, I extremely suggest this book to all women for managing family and career as a female and carries impulse and enthusiasm for rightful place of women in society. It is an excellent read, even for men to get knowledge on treating their wives, sisters & daughters. Sheryl Sandberg's personal life examples give motivation and a positive way of thinking. I want to say thanks to Sheryl Sandberg for wonderful writing.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Review - The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

When I was finding a book for reading in my small library, The Hungry Tide came out accidentally. My first impression was, I am not going to read this. I kept this book in shelf and started finding another unread book. I finished all the beautiful stuff available in fictions. Now I only have in my unread list are mostly on start-ups, technology, innovation, Google, etc. And of course, these all are my husband's favorites. It was 10 o'clock at night, and I was sure that nearest crossword closed now. I saw The hungry tide again and gave it a try. Now here is my review -

I have mixed feeling about this book, but it was worth reading it. The Hungry Tide brings us to a territory of Sundarbans. This book follows the tale of Sundarbans, a group of numerous of islands in the Bay of Bengal, India, bordering Bangladesh - some of the Islands have profited from telling the story of history; the hungry tide has discarded some. A site where is no discrepancy between plain water and salted one, greedy crocodiles & Tigers who swims like a fish, residents say that anybody who wishes to explore in this water, will never come back. A stability which is interrupted by two persons, Piyali and Kanai. Before reading The Hungry Tide, for me - Sundarbans means Tigers. This book makes me know an utterly strange side of Sundarbans. An in-depth history of soft mud, revolution while Bangladesh war. I was deeply in when I was reading this book.

Mr. Amitav Ghosh beautifully wrote this book. It connected the toughness of the land, the intensity of the tides and the mellowness of the people. There was a great soul of a landform that rises from the deposition of sand led by a river as the flow splits its mouth and enters the slower-moving water, invariably building and the possibility that the village was temporary and at the notions of nature.

The information of the secrecy of the Bengal tigers was interesting. I never felt anybody was safe, either on mud or river. Mixing the possible threat of animal attack and the land led an overwhelming amount of suspense. The characters were engaging, separate forms of life. The city people were learning from the people of the land and river. Some of the conversation was evident but simply ignored. Book kept me assuming how the several appearances would react. Also, the land resemblances were poetic and impressive.

In the end, It's a story of men eating tigers, Dolphins. Strange Mangrove trees, Crocodiles, the violent weather as in tsunamis and tidal waves with a surprising and heart-touching end.

Conclusion - I would recommend this book to all who are in love with beautiful nature and who want to experience an exciting and sensitive tale.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Final Decision

Life is becoming hell; I feel my husband is not mine. He is a son of his mother but not my husband. I think this is the time for separation. Yes, I want "Divorce." And this is my final decision

That's it? I mean the all the things for that she fought with her family to marry this guy, she was the happiest girl for the starting months of her marriage. She never tired to post her happiness on social media sites. She was the lucky one who got a handsome, loving, caring man. Yes, these were her words that she told me once. And today, is this the same girl? She was talking for Divorce. Seriously, that's it?

Coffee mug was on my hand, every single voice in Starbucks converted into a dark silence. I was listening every single word of her; she continued with her complaints against her husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, etc. It was so surprising to me because I knew her since my school time. She chose her life partner after knowing him for good four years. It was purely Love. But, today in her voice I was not able to find that love. After four years of Loveship & six years of marriage, she is saying her husband is a big mistake of her life. She is even not thinking of her adorable two-year-old daughter. How easily she stated that she is going for Divorce. The more shocking for me was the "REASON.". Reasons behind this decision were so annoying for me.
  • It's one year, and we did not go for any holidays.
  • See my FB posts; I am all alone. He never clicked a single selfie with me. 
  • He comes home late and doesn't give me a single call from the office.
  • His mother spends many days at our home; we don't get privacy. 
  • Now I need to take care of his father because he is ill and he needs us. 
  • He never gives me enough money for my shopping. Always says we should start savings. 
Blah Blah Blah.... Not a single reason I find for separation.
Nowadays I saw many articles on women. Mostly all talk about women sacrifice, freedom, empowerment, etc. We women ever think on the other side of problems. A man who starts a new life with his wife. Yeah, it is true that his priority is his wife but a woman should also understand that he has some other responsibilities too. My question from her is What is her husband's mistake?
  • He is with you in every situation. He is trying hard for giving you a safe future with making it financially secure, is this his mistake?
  • He may don't like selfies or may don't like to do public his personal life, is this his mistake?
  • Her mother wants to spend some time with his son's family, is this his mistake?
  • Taking care of his father in his illness, who is now your father too, is this his mistake?
Let's assume differently; I want to ask her that -
  • If your mother wants to spend time with you then it's fine. It's your mom, right.
  • If your father is ill and you are taking care then, it's your responsibility and in case if your in-laws don't allow it or like it then you talk about equality. 
  • If you are earning and not gives a single penny to your husband, then it's your choice. 
  • If anyone stops you from doing something that you desperately want to do, then you talk about women empowerment.
I have some questions from my very dear friend who took this big decision for silliest reasons I ever heard.

Have you ever think about your husband's dreams? He is too busy in fulfilling family needs. In this fancy world where every single happiness comes with an enormous amount of money, he is busy in earning that happiness for his family, for you. I am sure; you remember that -
  • He never stops you to follow your dreams; it's your choice.
  • He never stops you for not to do your daughter's responsibilities. 
  • He was with you and his in-laws whenever they need you. 
  • He was the one who paid huge hospital bills when your mother was met an accident & admitted in the hospital. 
  • He was the one who helped in every possible way in your younger sister's marriage. 
  • He was the one who cried when you were in labour pain.
I am no one to tell you that change your decision. I only want from you that rethink about the reasons.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review: Don't Think Of a Blue Ball

Don't Think Of a Blue Ball Don't Think Of a Blue Ball by Malti Bhojwani
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I list out my good books collection then it is one of them. The author 'Ms. Malti Bhojwani' has separated the book into several parts in such a style that it gives a particular opinion, a diverse point of view, examples to explain those circumstances and related practices to achieve those conditions efficiently. Even some examples from her personal life make the study more natural. This book is not telling that how to live, but it provides tips for making the life better. It gives me a direction for how to remove all the bad aspects that drive me depressed or sad. Honestly, I enjoyed the read.

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Review: Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, this book gives me a feeling of my childhood days. It is like 'Nani ki Kahani'. It is a classic storybook of a town named Malgudi and it arrives with 32 small stories. The stories are entertaining, and characters are awesome. My review of this book is good & bad both, As some stories I liked, and some are okies. But overall a pleasant experience.

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Review: Gently Falls the Bakula

Gently Falls the Bakula Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lovely book, Gently Falls the Bakula - A story of Shrikant and Shrimati. Apart from a beautiful love story, the author Ms. Sudha Murthy pointed out the thinking of male dominant society and she has not misrepresented any character. It is simply a love story of a couple who fell in love when they were studying in college. It is an emotional story, and the author compared this love relation with a Bakula flower. As this flower fell from a branch smoothly, the love of Shrikant and Shrimati moves so mildly that they did not discern it till it's finished. This novel gives thought to understand that no relationship or marriage works unless both will not put efforts into saving it.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Being a working woman

A sip of my favorite cafe mocha at Starbucks, the place is little crowded, loud English music is going on, and I am writing a thought that came into my mind just after talking with my friend. I had a great talk with her after a long time, but I was little worried that is she the same person with whom I graduated? She was a class topper, intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate girl during my college. During today's talk, I came to know that after marriage she chose to be a homemaker. As she was very career-oriented, I wanted to know the reason behind this decision, as she does not have any problem from in-laws side, like other conservative Indian families. But, she simply said that "my husband is well capable/wealthy enough of fulfilling each and everything that she wish to have. So, why I waste my time in job or business?"

Is doing job or business a time waste? I didn't expect this reply from her side, but she was happy and enjoying her family life. I am also not against to be a homemaker, but I don't agree with the reason that she gave to me. Not doing a job just because you are rich enough, and being happy to be a dependable person. It's not my cup of tea. My point is doing something gives individual satisfaction or happiness. If you are a homemaker then also, you are in a full-time job but not to do another job because you do not have any money problem is wrong. It is tough to understand for me. Is feeling of having individual identity, confidence, motivation, independence are nothing? My job gives me these all things, and I think it matters more.

Yes, being a woman sometimes it is tough to manage home and work both. But many a times, I feel happy that I did something good, I learnt something new, I met someone who came up with new ideas. I feel pleased after cracking a deal, using my creativity in a positive way, I fail, I pass, complete the projects, clients are happy with my work, the boss give me compliments, etc. The satisfaction of being a productive citizen of a growing Nation is a big thing for me. These all things means a lot for me. I chose to be a working woman is for me, and I am enjoying it. :)